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Louise Lucas stokes fire of nObama’s Race War

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A caged bear is a dangerous bear. That being said, I would like to illustrate the racist inferences Va. State Senator Louise Lucas makes in trying to race bait her constituent’s predilection to believe anything that pits black against white.

Lucas’ comments to the effect that a speech made by presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney was pandering to those who only want to see a white man in the White House have no basis in fact. The did make sense from a political incitement perspective and she hopes (and President, nObama as well) that those in the 18th district who vote specifically because of color would see the us versus them argument as a means to keep the Commonwealth in the blue column in November.

The truth of the matter is, Governor Romney has delivered the same speech, the same way to every group he has spoken to. Received well by some, and rejected by others, he has stuck to his principles and is a man of honor and integrity. Ms. Lucas, on the other hand, seeks to pander to those whose lives she depends on being dependent. You see, it is in being dependent upon her largess that she makes them believe she is delivering for them. Most of her constituents, particularly those under 30 are likely to be high school drop outs, welfare recipients and incarcerated. Ms. Lucas, like another African American state senator from Nebraska (Earnie Chambers), speaks to perpetuate racism by falsely claiming racist intent in non-blacks.

There is a lot of truth in the statement that poor people support democratic causes and rich people support republican or convservative causes. What is less understood for a variety of reasons is the notion that when a person crosses a certain income threshold, they magically stop supporting democrats. Education also plays a factor and the more educated minorities are the less likely they are to support democratic candidates.

Ms. Lucas needs her constituents to vote on race. She needs them to vote on identity politics that are based on anything other than the economy. She needs her constituents to forget how her president and her party have stolen the dreams and aspirations of an entire culture for decades, supplanting  it with the irrigation of welfare and government handouts.  She seeks to paint Governor Romney from the same can she covers herself in.

One hopes her constituents have become less enamored with government cheese and tax the rich propaganda and the Commonwealth will once again return to the principles which have served her well for decades.