Sun Telegraph Letter to Editor can’t sell message

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A letter to the editor in a Nebraska Rag seeks to rip into Republican candidate for Senate Deb Fischer for signing a pledge not to raise taxes and seeks to stoke fantasy fears of retreating women’s rights and more to attempt to convince Nebraskans to not vote for Bob Kerry, but vote against her.

The author of the letter is a long time Sidney, Nebraska resident who was a school teacher and later owner of the local radio station (, is somewhat out of touch with mainstream Nebraskans. Typically ok with raising taxes and “progress” as defined by the power elite, she believes that it is better to vote against someone rather than for them. Her tactics are typical of Democrats who facing the prospect of losing the white house are desparate to retain control of the Senate. Deb Fischer is certain to vote for repeal of ObamaCare and the thought of that, as well as a Senate in Republican hands has her apoplectic.

In the interest of fair disclosure, I used to live in that little Nebraska panhandle town and know the author quite well. As a somewhat public figure from her days in the radio biz, plus her outspoken support of really costly economic policies, I have gone up against her and her daughter on political issues more than once. I have written a response to her letter to the editor of the affected paper, and hope you will each forward the message to them and ask for your own equal time.

The U.S. needs a good Senator from Nebraska like Deb Fischer, not a Democratic retread with more dust on him that an Electrolux vacum bag. The fact alone that she could not express a reason to vote for former Senator Kerry is only indicative that we need to educate all within the sphere of influence of the Sidney Sun Telegraph that reason begins with thoughfulness and purpose. Let’s help Nebraska vote for the right candidate. Vote Deb Fischer November 6th in Nebraska.

Letter to editor Response

A counter to insanity


Ibbs Young’s standard Democratic motif of fear and defame should not be an excuse for defining a solid choice for U. S. Senate. Bob Kerry is a war hero, but let’s face it, his time has come and gone and Nebraskan’s to look to where the butter goes as one of the points in selecting their next Senator.

When Ben Nelson voted against Nebraska and for the Affordable Health Care Act, I pledged to do everything I could to thwart his attempt at trying to convince Nebraskans that his Cornhusker kickback was anything that was going to benefit those in the western half of the state. I was even attacked personally by the Senator, who in doing so, both acknowledged and failed to account for himself in trying to justify the 1.7 trillion dollar tax on Americans.

When Nelson announced his retirement, I was excited. When the Dems selected Bob Kerry as their pick, I wasn’t worried about conservative prospects to elect him. Nebraska is a relatively conservative state and the tide has turned more so since ObamaCare was shoved down our throats in 2009.

In the face of mounting evidence that Kerry no longer has the staying power to win under these conditions, dutiful democrats such as Ibbs Young resort to fear and defame tactics. Here is some news for Mrs. Young: Kerry is going to lose, and lose big.

In her letter to the Sun Telegraph, Young using things like “forsake her own gender.” Since when is it the responsibility of a Senator to legislate based on gender?  It doesn’t, or shouldn’t work that way, Ibbs, and frankly as a seasoned citizen, you should use what little wisdom you have accrued over the years in promoting the better ideal, not the utopia one. There is no way any Congress, nor President in today’s world will ” set women’s issues and the hard fight for women’s rights back 50 years…”

The needs of the country to put people back to work, to add more people to the middle class and thus increase the number of tax payers will dominate the next four years. It is unlikely that Republicans will squander their political capital on forcing ideological narcissism down the throats of the American people as was done in 2009 and 2010 when her dear Democratic party had the chance to create jobs, but chose to raise taxes on her grandchildren instead.

In the end, Mrs. Young is representative of an old guard of Democrats and Republicans who believe in diatribe and obfuscation to land political points. Her brand of progress is to enable the financial enslavement of the poor, the reward of the labor unions (which she was a member of as a teacher), and the expansion of the government to fulfill the promises she feels the government “needs to do.”

As a teacher Mrs. Young should be familiar with the Constitution. The founders really had a good thought there to make it a living breathing, amendable document. They enumerated many powers and reserved all other powers to the several states. We need politicians in Washington and in the states to live up to those ideals, not hers. Deb Fischer is a much better reflection of the values of Nebraska than is Bob Kerry. To Mr. Kerry, it is truly unfortunate that the DNC sought to dust him off and force him through such embarrassment. It is likewise laughable that Mrs. Young could not offer one reason to vote for him. All she could do is to rip on the other party. A lesson well learned from listening to her buddies in the Democratic Party and the “media.”

Peggy Noonan Op. Ed. piece long-winded, but brilliant

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Peggy Noonan penned a piece in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal as a means to show both VP candidates as a contrast between too many factors. Whether age, physical attributes, experience or yada, yada, yada; the attempt to show there are plenty of metaphysical differences was not lost in the actual facts of the piece:

Once you get beyond the overlengthy setup, Noonan gets to the heart of the matter. In essence, Joe Biden came off as the bitter, dismissive old man and Paul Ryan came off as the kid who figured out that he didn’t have to believe everything the old folks tell you.

The piece, although long-winded in the setup, does a good job or showing how each man helped and hurt his cause. She does indicate that with President Obama’s poor showing at the first debate, there was at least more emphasis on Biden needing to strike a blow to build the spirits of the left wing support bastion. Ryan, on the other hand needed to press his points and try to make gains with the shrinking undecided voter pool, with women and even some moderate dems who felt left out by the last four years’ policies.

The biggest take away from the debate was Biden’s derisive and disrespectful tone. Rather than seeming to correct, he seemed to bully Ryan, who, like the aforementioned teenager who realizes they can stand on their own choices fought back, but still maintained an aire of dignity and respect.

Biden was, well, Biden and in the end he offered more questions than answers, particularly on foreign policy, where he seemed to throw the entire foreign service under a taliban bus full of fertilizer. I agree with Noonan’s assessment, but think she doesn’t go far enough. Biden’s derision of Ryan isn’t an isolated attack. It is symptomatic of the entire approach liberal democrats have to everyone to the right of them. They snicker, sneer, obfuscate the truth and paint broad strokes designed to create fear in minority groups as a pretext to keep people in poverty and the lower middle class.

This election will come down to a couple states in the end. It is a shame that this is the case, because the truth of the matter is the Democratic path to prosperity is paved with the bones of this nation’s past. Noonan does a good job describing the encapsulation of this, but it will take much more to drive the point home before close of business November 6th. Below is a link to the piece and I recommend you read and forward via facebook and twitter.

WJS piece

Democrats’ Plan is Simple

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The plan of the Democrats is simple. They want to “raise” the middle class on the backs of the top 10% while expanding the ranks of the lower class, again on the backs of the top 10%.

According to David Axelroid, the statistics of change are what people should be looking at. 29 months of private sector growth. Let’s look at a different number: There are over for million fewer jobs today than there were in his first month of office.

Every time I heard Democrats  talk about investments, I want to puke. Investments in education (unions), investment in clean technology (bribes and payoffs for Solyndra cronies), etc raise the tax burden, not just on the middle class, but all taxpayers. This is a travesty, that they want to grow the size of government, principally though expansion of entitlement programs, which shrinking long term growth and stability of the economic roots of this country.

Democrats are delusional to think intelligent people who can do basic math will think the Democratic plan cuts the deficit. In reality, it adds nearly 9 trillion more to the national debt by the end of any second term by nObama. That is 50% more than he jacked us for in his first term. nObama wants you to vote for HIM even though he will be responsible for more national debt than EVERY OTHER U.S. PRESIDENT COMBINED!

Speaking of comedy….Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a buffoon even trying to talk about party comparisons. He stammers, makes comments designed to mislead hispanics and tries to create the illusion of tokenism from Republicans. Here is a bit of news, Mark Sandoval, Susana Martinez and Marco Rubio are not tokens. Two Governors and a U.S. Senator (who was seriously considered for the VP spot) represent significant leadership achievements, not just for hispanics, but for all Americans. These men and women are leaders for their entire state populations and are working to bridge misperceptions about the Republican party and what the value legal immigrants bring to this country.

Make no mistake about it, the democrats, led by the nObama campaign are well funded and well grounded. Bias against Republicans, however, is misplaced. There is nothing wrong with reducing illegal immigration. There is nothing wrong with creating incentives to move people off welfare, reducing the need for entitlement programs for one’s existence. The entitlement issue in particular will be difficult to solve.

It will take decades to substitute new programs while preserving the existing commitments to existing and soon to be retirees. We need leaders from all parties with the discipline and vision necessary to punch through the fog of politics. We need that leadership now, and in four years and for decades to come.

This country hangs precipitously by an economic thread. It may well mean, that to totally get out from under our national debt and deficit crisis, that tax rates will have to be reformed. However I will tell you this. There are 47% of people in this nation who pay no federal tax whatsoever. Before my taxes are raised, you (U.S. government) better start expanding the tax payer base to include a lot more people. nObama doesn’t want to do that, because the central theme of  liberals for more than a century was to enslave the poor and create division based on socioeconomic class levels. They have been effective.

It is the job of conservatives now to create the future worthy of our founding roots. It is time to reject the politics of division, of hate and spite. It is time to reject a president who has demonstrated by his own words that he is a one term proposition.

It is, as Clint Eastwood pointed out succinctly a few nights ago: “they are just going to come around and beg for votes every few years.  It is the same old deal.  But I just think it is important that you realize , that you’re the best in the world. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or whether you’re libertarian or whatever, you are the best.  And we should not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.”

The only way this country is going to move “Forward”, is to change the transmission! My Friends, we got to let him (and Biden) go. Forward this message and this site to everyone you know. Get the word out, knock on doors, go to nursing homes, the inner city and the county fairs. We are all worth saving and we don’t want a government big enough to provide for us. We want a government that will let us do what we have done better than any other nation in the history of the world. Unleash the spirit and pride that is American Exceptionalism and don’t ever apologize for being great. Snatch victory out of the jaws of nObama’s defeat and rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the last four years.

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Untie Atlanta Leaves Georgia in nots

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I have spent some time looking into the transportation known as Untie Atlanta and I have come to the conclusion that passing a sales tax increase of one percent will do nothing to fix the actual traffic problems in Atlanta.

The problem with taxes of the sort proposed for this initiative is they adversely affect those who are at lower economic strata through regressive tax structures, and they disproportionately benefit upper income users. The proposal is ripe with graft and paybacks and ultimately do little to untie anything. Most of the money either beautifies existing projects, builds trollies to nowhere or replaces or repairs that which has been neglected for years. In the end, traffic will still be a problem because the root causes are not being addressed.

The rail system is a success because it goes North and South and it runs fairly efficiently. The failure of Marta occurs when you try to get out on the corners. Ask anyone who works on the corners and depends on public transportation how long it takes to get from one of the main points north, south, east or west and tries to get to Vinings or the SouthWest area. Bus transfers, threats of violence and intimidation routinely plague public transportion users. Marta is a good, but incomplete idea and the regional transportation issue will simply take dollars to perpetuate the norm. There will be no real improvement, but we will pay for it just the same.

Good Job Kasim

Louise Lucas stokes fire of nObama’s Race War

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A caged bear is a dangerous bear. That being said, I would like to illustrate the racist inferences Va. State Senator Louise Lucas makes in trying to race bait her constituent’s predilection to believe anything that pits black against white.

Lucas’ comments to the effect that a speech made by presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney was pandering to those who only want to see a white man in the White House have no basis in fact. The did make sense from a political incitement perspective and she hopes (and President, nObama as well) that those in the 18th district who vote specifically because of color would see the us versus them argument as a means to keep the Commonwealth in the blue column in November.

The truth of the matter is, Governor Romney has delivered the same speech, the same way to every group he has spoken to. Received well by some, and rejected by others, he has stuck to his principles and is a man of honor and integrity. Ms. Lucas, on the other hand, seeks to pander to those whose lives she depends on being dependent. You see, it is in being dependent upon her largess that she makes them believe she is delivering for them. Most of her constituents, particularly those under 30 are likely to be high school drop outs, welfare recipients and incarcerated. Ms. Lucas, like another African American state senator from Nebraska (Earnie Chambers), speaks to perpetuate racism by falsely claiming racist intent in non-blacks.

There is a lot of truth in the statement that poor people support democratic causes and rich people support republican or convservative causes. What is less understood for a variety of reasons is the notion that when a person crosses a certain income threshold, they magically stop supporting democrats. Education also plays a factor and the more educated minorities are the less likely they are to support democratic candidates.

Ms. Lucas needs her constituents to vote on race. She needs them to vote on identity politics that are based on anything other than the economy. She needs her constituents to forget how her president and her party have stolen the dreams and aspirations of an entire culture for decades, supplanting  it with the irrigation of welfare and government handouts.  She seeks to paint Governor Romney from the same can she covers herself in.

One hopes her constituents have become less enamored with government cheese and tax the rich propaganda and the Commonwealth will once again return to the principles which have served her well for decades.

SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Tax

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Not Perfect

Well, proof of my infallibility exists. SCOTUS decided yesterday a couple of things, but in doing so, let stand the affordable health care act.

Although President nObama and his strong arm thugs called the fine a “penalty” SCOTUS held this penalty is a tax after all. The court changed the intent of the law in order to preserve it and since they rightly held this was an overreach of the commerce clause.

It is hard to say a split decision between ideologies is a political motivation. I can see, although disagree with Chief Justice Roberts’ line of thought. I do agree with one point in the majority opinion that SCOTUS did not debate the rationality of the law. Their opinon went so far as to state people could use their vote to correct a constitutionally passed, yet horribly flawed law. My mind comes back to prohibition and its subsequent repeal.

Implications for the future

Try though they might, I do not think this win for the dems will give them much solace. The future is now even more critical and the only way this monstrosity can be overturned will come if the Senate falls back to Republican control with 60 Senators, thereby destroying dirty Harry’s only chance at preserving it as is. People should also think about this. SCOTUS Justice Ruth Vader Ginsberg is near death (or else she looks like it). The next presidential term will likely see one or two SCOTUS justices and we can ill afford to have nObama picking those winners and losers.

I can only hope that the 60% of people who hate this law will be enraged enough to mobilize and drag out their family, friends and neighbors and vote out all of the taxes this law imposes on everyone except those who got preferential treatment and payoffs for their support of the largest tax in American history.

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nObamaCare likely to fail in entirety.

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nObamaCare to go down in flames today. Logic holds that if the Justices of SCOTUS find the mandate unconstitutional they must strike down the entire law since no severability clause existsin the law as passed.

Word has it that nObama has prepared three speeches to give based on the results. I am guessing here, but I think he has one to go after SCOTUS (look for BS emails from his campaign to follow immediately…) as right wing if they strike down the law, One to promote SCOTUS as a bastion of critical thought if the uphold it, and one, which Joe Biden will give that will be as inconsequential as his Vice-Presidency…. but he will say that it is still, “a big F@*king Deal!”

If the law is overturned (as it should be, I agree with ‘Ole Joe. It is a big deal, a big waste of tax payer money to fight what common sense should have told us was a bad thing. It should also be a lesson as to what happens when you give that much power to liberals. “Never Again,” may be too soon to entreat another foray into such a political arrangement.

Here’s to hoping SCOTUS gets this one done proper.

Obama Admin leaving AZ Law Dogs in a Lurch

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The SCOTUS ruling yesterday must have ticked of President Obama’s troops yesterday as, within hours of the ruling, pulled all cooperative enforcement agreements with the border state.

This means that previous arrangements whereby the federal authorities were engaged in programs designed to compliment and work with local and state authorities on cracking down on illegal immigration will now be suspended in the wake of SCOTUS ruling to retain the cornerstone piece of the law.

SCOTUS gets it right…and wrong

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SCOTUS got it half right, upholding the provision to check for suspected illegal aliens by allowing law enforcement to ask for paperwork, but missed the point of the legislation’s intent by not kicking back, or otherwise requiring the federal government to actually perform the role associated to it within its constitutional authority.

Key provisions in the law, including forbidding illegals from seeking employment were also struck down. Essentially, the law said there was nothing illegal in asking those whose immigration status is questionable, however failed to allow local law enforcement to cite, arrest or detail suspected illegals under suspected violations.

The ruling fully underscores and demonstrates the current administration’s failure to show leadership on this issue, choosing to pander to hispanics by attempting to portray conservatives as anti-hispanic.

I am of the personal opinion that legal immigrants should stand with the rest of American citizens and should demand that those who are here illegally and are additionally breaking other laws should demand the federal government act decisively to remove these people from our country and put policies in place to provide for effective immigration that also protects our borders to both the north, south and east and west.