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Shortsighted policies major issue for Obama

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Hope and Change was promised by Barack Obama. As it turned out, 2008 was a bad year for many people. The last gasps of a growing economy were felt and as Lehman Bros fell into an abyssal financial  black hole. The failure of a bank that size sent shockwaves through the financial capital known as Wall Street and before long, Main Street felt the shock and awe of the near cataclysmic stupidity of greed.

Caught up in that nightmare, I was “retired” from a senior management job in IT. Consolidation, they called it, the need to prop up shareholder value, a long term business decision, etc…

Whatever the choice words were, they did not reflect the reality of work performance vs value provided. In short, some 150 positions were terminated on the fear that shareholders would somehow “balk” at the broader market. The company went on to record profits, record bonuses for executives, large parachutes for former VPs and the like who made financial choices, yet the decision to cut approximately 4 million in salary and benefits was hardly a drop in the bucket. The company continued down the same path and as a result, its longtime CEO, “retired” in 2009.”

Kind of an odd start to a political story, but here comes the punch line. The short term decision to prop up shareholder confidence was ill-thought out, just like the current economic policy of Barack Obama. The company stock tumbled over the course of the next two years before beginning to slowing climb its way back to something north of the company’s assets. The desire to “appease” the many at the expense of those 150 positions is very much like the U.S. economy today.

The President of the United States has taken the position of appeasement in lining up latino, blacks, jews and other groups, and now, the so-called middle class, against those whom he calls, the rich. The fair-shake, fair-shot, fair-deal mantra is so tired and old that it has received full social security and medicare benefits in only the forth year of its existence. We are now at the cross roads of class envy vs shared responsibility and the obliteration of constitutional principles that were designed to keep our nation strong.

For instance, President Obama tells Mexicans that the Dream Act represents a fair shot for children born here of illegal immigrants, or those brought here by illegal immigrants,that this is the honest and fair thing to do. Don’t mistake the comment as “latino friendly.” It is pure political pandering, designed to get the Mexican vote out for his party. He could honestly care less about Puerto Ricans, Cubans or any other hispanic derived culture. He is using Mexicans, while painting a broad brush, pretending to be on their side while simultaneously portraying Conservatives as anti-immigration. He is hoping that those Mexicans who have come to this country legally will bond with the cultural brethren from the south and agree with him that blanket amnesty is the only right thing to do. This is obvious pandering, but short-sighted and ill-informed, poorly educated hispanics take this bait hook, line and sinker.

The same can historically be said of the black vote. The number of apologistic white voters who installed President Obama in the White House in 2008 was high. The fact that most blacks in this country voted for a man whose sole qualification in their minds was the he was black and it was about time was met with policies of ineptitude failure at every turn. While unemployment surged, the economy tanked and millions of people were financially ruined, the President’s party played socialist with the constitution, ramming everything down the American people’s throats without so much as a reasoned debate.