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Just so everyone is aware, I have been on hiatus for a while. Criticism of my outdated logo (elections have consequences after all) have moved me to once again take up the mantle of change. As the election begins to get into full swing, I am going to freshen up the site and begin to detail some critical information to educate prospective voters to get everyone actively involved in promoting a GOP win for our nation.

That said, I wanted to just leave you with a bit of info I dropped off on a former Silicon Valley Software developer’s blog post. Extraordinarily well written, the author captures the very essence of how a major tech company grinds its people up into small pieces only to leave them burned out or otherwise useless, all in the name of profit.

The article is a loose metaphor for how the federal government looks at tax payers. We are all only so much financial meat for the sausage grinder that is Congress and the federal bureaucracy. The response I left on his site is contained herein as a retort to a user who advocated that everything beautiful is “ugly on the inside.” Since we are what is inside the nation, I would argue the counter, that we are what is beautiful and the process of governing is what is ugly and in need of reform. Please retweet if you likw or at least see the corollary.


Here is my response:

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So I read the article, the defense of the article and a wide number of responses.. I found Daniel Campos’ response the most cynical of all. While it is true that people who like sausage or not particularly interested in how it is made, applying this concept to the treatment of human beings even metaphorically is a tragedy.

Silicon Valley has made a reputation of breaking the mold relative to the rest of the business world in the 50’s and 60’s when I was a child, but the sad fact of the matter today is the mold they have cast is in need of breaking again.

I completely agree with the author’s assertion that the mirror-tocracy of conformance to perceptual ideals is trumping the value of qualified workers who not only could drive innovation, but add a sense of stability in an otherwise hyper agile and thus subject to severe burn out readily seen across the valley today.

In Silicon Valley, people are much like the meat that goes into the breakfast sausage consumed by millions each day. It really is time that #AllSausageLivesMatter