Newtown CT shooting gets same old spin

Newtown CT shooting gets same old spin from President Obama and the left. As horrific as the shooting is, it is not, nor should be any basis for “gun control” expansion in this country. It is as irrational to presume logic to a psychopath as it is to paint all gun owners as living on the edge lunatics which must be terrorized by the government in the name of the greater good. This shooting was evil, manifest and nothing more.

As someone with a close connection to Virginia Tech and the tragedy that occurred there years ago, I am very sensitive to the impact of gun violence in educational institutions. The answer is not restricting gun ownership or use for typical purposes. The left, including the president today have already jumped on the legislative kick the habit mode without even attempting to understand what set this crazy bastard on his death dealer wish. Clearly this person was homicidal or just plain nuts.

I hope the president isn’t still taking advice from his old pal Rahm Emanuel. One would think with all the shit going on in Chicago that the president might not be thinking about the old “never let a good crisis go to waste” from the first four years of his administration.

Gun violence is terrible. It is a crime. It is something to be understood in order to prevent it from happening. There will likely never be a true understanding as to why someone would become motivated to shoot his mother and then travel to a school and shoot defenseless, innocent children and their protectors in the school staff.

Even though the entire frigging northeast U.S. is all about removing God from the schools, I wish the sentiment were different and that somehow he would have stopped the shooter before he executed his deadly rampage. Perhaps God will be welcomed by the families and the community in comfort and mourning for those who were cut down before the promise of there lives could be realized. May God grant them the rest of innocence they have been robbed of and may He grant their families peace and strength as they face what no parent or family member should ever confront.

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