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Grace in defeat not the prescription needed

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Grace in defeat, as the saying goes, is what is expected from someone who loses a pitched contest. Keeping one’s head held high and moving forward with dignity are taken for granted in our American society. To the extent that Mitt Romney lost by wide margins last night, he clearly evidenced the best of those who come in first loser.

Grace and dignity, however are not prescriptions for the problems facing the American people. Fat and lazy, we have grown used to politicians who promise us things for seemingly no cost to us, shifting expenses to others who have chosen to work hard for their success. Union workers in Ohio voted on the auto bailout, which saved nothing, screwed bondholders and cost thousands of dealers their source of revenue, while protecting union bosses.

The nation has significant wounds to heal. The election results last night do not change the fact that we need to do something about illegal immigration. Maybe we provide green cards to migrant workers or even those who have lived here and not been a burden on society. There are hundreds of thousands though who participate in the drug trade, commit violent crimes and walk away with no accountability whatsoever. Clearly, this is an opportunity for Conservatives to embrace a new solution set and it is going to have to enable otherwise law-abiding illegals a pathway to legal status, and yes, including eventual citizenship. It also necessarily means, in exchange for this shift, hispanics must be willing to stop the unfettered border porosity plaguing the southern and northern borders. We are clearly at risk as reports of Al Quaeda is eyeing Mexico and Canada due specifically to the openness of the border. This issue is not right or left, but national security defined.

The problem in urban centers is the cultural mistrust of whites. Attempts by the government for decades to prop up housing developments created slum conditions, leading to basic social breakdowns in family and neighborhood structures. There are truly blacks who are degenerate good-for-nothings, but there are, in absolute numbers terms, more whites who are just as good-for-nothing. Again, a problem trying to be solved by government (affordable housing) created a lack of self respect and even the housing developed to solve the problem became in effect a prison to these people who are trying to survive among the degenerate class. We hear stories of those who “made good” and got out of the projects, but this needs to not be news. Everyone must be accountable for their success and government cannot be used to prop up a group of people, but instead create a concrete ceiling for which there is no breaking away.

Ed Rollins made a statement on Fox & Friends this morning regarding the electorate. He said it is a basic rule of politics to figure out what 50% +1 of the electorate is and then craft a message that appeals to that electorate. Regardless of background, people believe in hope and change for the better. As a nation, we need to apply the best traditions of a Ronald Reagan and craft a valid message to an expanding electorate.

In the end, we will see what happens post election results and whether our fractured government can put aside the hardline for the low-hanging fruit. Let us all hope for a change from the top-down that we can come together and solve our spending problems as has been done in WI and OH (without spending), but I fear for the worst. The financial cliff we are looking at will likely see the government debt exceed 30 trillion before we can get ahead of it. Just think of your credit cards and how making the minimum payment gets you nowhere. Ask yourself what a trillion dollars a year in interest looks like and tell me if you still need the government to write that check for your mortgage?