A Picture worth a Thousand Liberals

They come in binders? I’m gettin one… said Bill Clinton when he heard Mitt Romney had binders full of women at Tuesday’s debate

A Picture worth a Thousand Liberals. Interesting turn of phrase. Seems Liberals are racing to embrace an obscure reference @MittRomney made Tuesday evening when answering a question about equal pay for women.

Romney spoke of the process he used as Governor of Ma. referring to the results that were gathered by an non-partisan women’s group as “binders full of women.” The phrase, meant to demonstrate his commitment to ensuring a representative sample of qualified women in key administration posts, was lept upon by left wingers at the huff and puffington post and others.

It seems as though the left could not get enough of the joy in bashing the phrase, trying to turn it into a religious knock, a sexist knock, a professional experience knock, anything to make both light of the comment and to paint Mr. Romney in the worst possible light.

It seems as though there has been a conservative response to the Binders full of women comment. See below and RT to all your friends and pass this along. Less than three weeks to go and we make nObama the one term proposition he has earned.


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