Peggy Noonan Op. Ed. piece long-winded, but brilliant

Peggy Noonan penned a piece in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal as a means to show both VP candidates as a contrast between too many factors. Whether age, physical attributes, experience or yada, yada, yada; the attempt to show there are plenty of metaphysical differences was not lost in the actual facts of the piece:

Once you get beyond the overlengthy setup, Noonan gets to the heart of the matter. In essence, Joe Biden came off as the bitter, dismissive old man and Paul Ryan came off as the kid who figured out that he didn’t have to believe everything the old folks tell you.

The piece, although long-winded in the setup, does a good job or showing how each man helped and hurt his cause. She does indicate that with President Obama’s poor showing at the first debate, there was at least more emphasis on Biden needing to strike a blow to build the spirits of the left wing support bastion. Ryan, on the other hand needed to press his points and try to make gains with the shrinking undecided voter pool, with women and even some moderate dems who felt left out by the last four years’ policies.

The biggest take away from the debate was Biden’s derisive and disrespectful tone. Rather than seeming to correct, he seemed to bully Ryan, who, like the aforementioned teenager who realizes they can stand on their own choices fought back, but still maintained an aire of dignity and respect.

Biden was, well, Biden and in the end he offered more questions than answers, particularly on foreign policy, where he seemed to throw the entire foreign service under a taliban bus full of fertilizer. I agree with Noonan’s assessment, but think she doesn’t go far enough. Biden’s derision of Ryan isn’t an isolated attack. It is symptomatic of the entire approach liberal democrats have to everyone to the right of them. They snicker, sneer, obfuscate the truth and paint broad strokes designed to create fear in minority groups as a pretext to keep people in poverty and the lower middle class.

This election will come down to a couple states in the end. It is a shame that this is the case, because the truth of the matter is the Democratic path to prosperity is paved with the bones of this nation’s past. Noonan does a good job describing the encapsulation of this, but it will take much more to drive the point home before close of business November 6th. Below is a link to the piece and I recommend you read and forward via facebook and twitter.

WJS piece

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