Untie Atlanta Leaves Georgia in nots

I have spent some time looking into the transportation known as Untie Atlanta and I have come to the conclusion that passing a sales tax increase of one percent will do nothing to fix the actual traffic problems in Atlanta.

The problem with taxes of the sort proposed for this initiative is they adversely affect those who are at lower economic strata through regressive tax structures, and they disproportionately benefit upper income users. The proposal is ripe with graft and paybacks and ultimately do little to untie anything. Most of the money either beautifies existing projects, builds trollies to nowhere or replaces or repairs that which has been neglected for years. In the end, traffic will still be a problem because the root causes are not being addressed.

The rail system is a success because it goes North and South and it runs fairly efficiently. The failure of Marta occurs when you try to get out on the corners. Ask anyone who works on the corners and depends on public transportation how long it takes to get from one of the main points north, south, east or west and tries to get to Vinings or the SouthWest area. Bus transfers, threats of violence and intimidation routinely plague public transportion users. Marta is a good, but incomplete idea and the regional transportation issue will simply take dollars to perpetuate the norm. There will be no real improvement, but we will pay for it just the same.

Good Job Kasim

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