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SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Tax

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Not Perfect

Well, proof of my infallibility exists. SCOTUS decided yesterday a couple of things, but in doing so, let stand the affordable health care act.

Although President nObama and his strong arm thugs called the fine a “penalty” SCOTUS held this penalty is a tax after all.┬áThe court changed the intent of the law in order to preserve it and since they rightly held this was an overreach of the commerce clause.

It is hard to say a split decision between ideologies is a political motivation. I can see, although disagree with Chief Justice Roberts’ line of thought. I do agree with one point in the majority opinion that SCOTUS did not debate the rationality of the law. Their opinon went so far as to state people could use their vote to correct a constitutionally passed, yet horribly flawed law. My mind comes back to prohibition and its subsequent repeal.

Implications for the future

Try though they might, I do not think this win for the dems will give them much solace. The future is now even more critical and the only way this monstrosity can be overturned will come if the Senate falls back to Republican control with 60 Senators, thereby destroying dirty Harry’s only chance at preserving it as is. People should also think about this. SCOTUS Justice Ruth Vader Ginsberg is near death (or else she looks like it). The next presidential term will likely see one or two SCOTUS justices and we can ill afford to have nObama picking those winners and losers.

I can only hope that the 60% of people who hate this law will be enraged enough to mobilize and drag out their family, friends and neighbors and vote out all of the taxes this law imposes on everyone except those who got preferential treatment and payoffs for their support of the largest tax in American history.

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