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nObamaCare likely to fail in entirety.

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nObamaCare to go down in flames today. Logic holds that if the Justices of SCOTUS find the mandate unconstitutional they must strike down the entire law since no severability clause existsin the law as passed.

Word has it that nObama has prepared three speeches to give based on the results. I am guessing here, but I think he has one to go after SCOTUS (look for BS emails from his campaign to follow immediately…) as right wing if they strike down the law, One to promote SCOTUS as a bastion of critical thought if the uphold it, and one, which Joe Biden will give that will be as inconsequential as his Vice-Presidency…. but he will say that it is still, “a big F@*king Deal!”

If the law is overturned (as it should be, I agree with ‘Ole Joe. It is a big deal, a big waste of tax payer money to fight what common sense should have told us was a bad thing. It should also be a lesson as to what happens when you give that much power to liberals. “Never Again,” may be too soon to entreat another foray into such a political arrangement.

Here’s to hoping SCOTUS gets this one done proper.