SCOTUS gets it right…and wrong

SCOTUS got it half right, upholding the provision to check for suspected illegal aliens by allowing law enforcement to ask for paperwork, but missed the point of the legislation’s intent by not kicking back, or otherwise requiring the federal government to actually perform the role associated to it within its constitutional authority.

Key provisions in the law, including forbidding illegals from seeking employment were also struck down. Essentially, the law said there was nothing illegal in asking those whose immigration status is questionable, however failed to allow local law enforcement to cite, arrest or detail suspected illegals under suspected violations.

The ruling fully underscores and demonstrates the current administration’s failure to show leadership on this issue, choosing to pander to hispanics by attempting to portray conservatives as anti-hispanic.

I am of the personal opinion that legal immigrants should stand with the rest of American citizens and should demand that those who are here illegally and are additionally breaking other laws should demand the federal government act decisively to remove these people from our country and put policies in place to provide for effective immigration that also protects our borders to both the north, south and east and west.


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