HBO’s “41” Brilliant Look into the life of George H W Bush

HBO Films’ “41” is a remarkable documentary about George H. W. Bush. This is really just a quick item to tell you that if you have not seen this, you should and I would appreciate your feedback on our site,, or on facebook ( or Twitter (@ITOSDotCom).

Personally, I think GHWB didn’t get the credit he deserved. The media was just beginning to ramp up its ultra left-wing agenda, and of course, the blundering attempt by Ross Perot added the last amount of gas to the fire that doomed his re-election attempt in ’92.

A purely classy man, George H W Bush served in WWII, the foreign service as Ambassador to China under President Ford. He ran for the Republican nomination against Ronald Reagan, but ended up serving as his Vice President.

His public career peaked when in 1989, he assumed the duties of Chief Executive of the lone super power in the world. Through out his career, from military service to his post-presidential retirement, he epitomized what public service and sacrifice really means. He remains a lesson to all public servants that what we do for each other is more important that what we expect anyone else to do for anyone.

HBO presented an excellent retrospective on the former president’s life and they should be commended for their part in bringing it to the public. I heartily recommend the special to everyone, regardless of political ideology.

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