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HBO’s “41” Brilliant Look into the life of George H W Bush

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HBO Films’ “41” is a remarkable documentary about George H. W. Bush. This is really just a quick item to tell you that if you have not seen this, you should and I would appreciate your feedback on our site, itstheobamastupid.com, or on facebook (facebook.com/itstheobamastupid) or Twitter (@ITOSDotCom).

Personally, I think GHWB didn’t get the credit he deserved. The media was just beginning to ramp up its ultra left-wing agenda, and of course, the blundering attempt by Ross Perot added the last amount of gas to the fire that doomed his re-election attempt in ’92.

A purely classy man, George H W Bush served in WWII, the foreign service as Ambassador to China under President Ford. He ran for the Republican nomination against Ronald Reagan, but ended up serving as his Vice President.

His public career peaked when in 1989, he assumed the duties of Chief Executive of the lone super power in the world. Through out his career, from military service to his post-presidential retirement, he epitomized what public service and sacrifice really means. He remains a lesson to all public servants that what we do for each other is more important that what we expect anyone else to do for anyone.

HBO presented an excellent retrospective on the former president’s life and they should be commended for their part in bringing it to the public. I heartily recommend the special to everyone, regardless of political ideology.

Obama’s White House all Plouffe and No Substance

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David Plouffe, President Obama’s personal spin cycle, made an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday,” last weekend and it appears the President has taken some of his personal fortune out in order to install a turbo charger on the attack dog in chief.

The spin of politics, particularly at the top levels of government is often an artform. How close can you avoid telling the truth, while digging in your talking points at the same time is usually the measure by which one of these guys earns their keep. As good as he is at this, I find it hard to believe why David Plouffe would have wanted to defend President Obama’s White House on the security leaks issue.

Directly asked three separate times whether or not President Obama or any other senior member of the White House had declassified any information related to security leaks, Plouffe dodged the question each time with hyperbole about the president’s stance on fighting terror. Each time, asked, Plouffe countered with an answer that had nothing to do with the question, raising his clenched hand in emphasis that he believed this was all a political witch hunt.

Finally, host Chris Wallace finally had to pose the question as a direct yes or no answer. Finally Plouffe answered that, “Of couse not,” meaning no items being reported as leaks were declassified.

Wallace went on to compare the current White House’s reaction to the leaks investigation to the Valerie Plame incident under former President George W. Bush. Under the former administration, it was alledged that CIA covert operative Valerie Plame had be “outed” as an agent. At the time Senator Barack Obama was nearly apoplectic about the need to find out who had done this terrible thing (even though she was not a covert operative at the time). President Bush directed his entire staff to come forward with whatever information they had and subjected himself to questioning in the matter.

When asked whether or not the current administration would follow suit, Plouffe’s response was, with hand held high, “I am not going to get into that.”

It is important to note under the Plame case, President Obama wanted and thought apprpriate for outside counsel to investigate the matter. Yet, today, when the shoe is on the other foot, his obstructionist AD, Eric Holder appoints to Washington DC based U.S. Attorneys (who report to him) to investigate his boss.

Among the leaks that have come out of the White House include, details about Osama Bin Laden’s killing, outing the doctor who helped identify the remains/location of Bin Laden, the double agent who helped foil an al Quaeda bomb plot in Yemen and the US/Israel cyber attack on Iranian Nuclear sites. All of these leaks have the potential to disrupt methods, sources and human intelligence that takes years to build. The matter is quite serious, but not for Plouffe.

“Part of what’s going on here,” said Plouffe, “the Republicans in Congress are pretty clear here.. at the beginning of this year, what did they say… one of their core strategic priorities are… are to engage in investigations to damage this president politically.”

To his way of thinking, anything said about the President’s involvement, or the involvement by members of his staff is merely political distraction.

Near the end of the interview, Wallace got into the matter of the 2006 case involving Jack Abramoff, in which then Senator Obama sought a independent prosecutor in order to, “ensure the public’s confidence in the investigation and prosecution and help restore its faith in our government.,” Plouffe stated that most people would believe that two career attorneys in the Justice Department would have the ability to look into this and they would arrive at the correct conclusion.

Throughout the interview, each time when asked by Wallace any question, especially questions juxtaposed by the President’s own words from the past, Plouffe continued to defend that was then, this is now approach to policies. Apparently, when the other party was in power, no confidence could be held in regular justice department employees, but when the shoe is on his foot, it is totally unnecessary for independent investigation.

Plouffe’s spin machine has definitely been upgraded from the 2008 campaign and with good reason. When you look at the facts at the same time he speaks, you can easily break the cycle of mesmerization and understand that his words are like Rasputin’s. People must be inoculated from the effects of the political spin meisters such as Plouffe and Axlerod, but it takes people like you to see, investigate and inform others along the way.

The fight will be tough this year, but if we remember that as Carville said then and I say now, “It’s the Obama, Stupid,” we can’t be disappointed.