A New Day

One wakes up and thinks that people can’t be that dumb, to hear one thing and believe it to be true, despite massive evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately, we live in a country today where that very thing is happening.

Liberty was not thought of by the founders of this nation to be an easy thing. It requires vigilance, care, and discourse to preserve and promote. The social state of our government has allowed the slow, creeping, “progressive” policies started by Woodrow Wilson to insidiously alter the notion of what our nation stands for.

Today, we are faced with the stark challenge of a national debt that is increasing doubtful to payback. Our credit rating as a nation is in a declining state and we have politicians on the left and right that refuse to look in the mirror and tell us they are the enemy.

Those of us who pay into the government must take back by all legitimate means, our government. We must wean ourselves and our people off the cradle to grave mentalities fostered by our liberal forbears of the last century and shake the yoke of oppression that is  likely to be foisted upon our children.

Let us work together in a common fashion to undo the shackles of liberalism, of anachronistic union work rules and outlaw once and for all, public unions and their mandatory, confiscatory dues collections that feed the liberal engine of social and economic destruction.

Tell everyone you know about this site. Link us to your facefbook, google+, twitter and other feeds (coming soon) and promote the idea that we stand for smaller government, as little tax as is required to achieve the constructionist view of the Constitution and the idea that We, the People, shall not perish from this earth, whether through enslavement of our government, or by any force of arms abroad.