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SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Tax

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Not Perfect

Well, proof of my infallibility exists. SCOTUS decided yesterday a couple of things, but in doing so, let stand the affordable health care act.

Although President nObama and his strong arm thugs called the fine a “penalty” SCOTUS held this penalty is a tax after all. The court changed the intent of the law in order to preserve it and since they rightly held this was an overreach of the commerce clause.

It is hard to say a split decision between ideologies is a political motivation. I can see, although disagree with Chief Justice Roberts’ line of thought. I do agree with one point in the majority opinion that SCOTUS did not debate the rationality of the law. Their opinon went so far as to state people could use their vote to correct a constitutionally passed, yet horribly flawed law. My mind comes back to prohibition and its subsequent repeal.

Implications for the future

Try though they might, I do not think this win for the dems will give them much solace. The future is now even more critical and the only way this monstrosity can be overturned will come if the Senate falls back to Republican control with 60 Senators, thereby destroying dirty Harry’s only chance at preserving it as is. People should also think about this. SCOTUS Justice Ruth Vader Ginsberg is near death (or else she looks like it). The next presidential term will likely see one or two SCOTUS justices and we can ill afford to have nObama picking those winners and losers.

I can only hope that the 60% of people who hate this law will be enraged enough to mobilize and drag out their family, friends and neighbors and vote out all of the taxes this law imposes on everyone except those who got preferential treatment and payoffs for their support of the largest tax in American history.

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nObamaCare likely to fail in entirety.

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nObamaCare to go down in flames today. Logic holds that if the Justices of SCOTUS find the mandate unconstitutional they must strike down the entire law since no severability clause existsin the law as passed.

Word has it that nObama has prepared three speeches to give based on the results. I am guessing here, but I think he has one to go after SCOTUS (look for BS emails from his campaign to follow immediately…) as right wing if they strike down the law, One to promote SCOTUS as a bastion of critical thought if the uphold it, and one, which Joe Biden will give that will be as inconsequential as his Vice-Presidency…. but he will say that it is still, “a big F@*king Deal!”

If the law is overturned (as it should be, I agree with ‘Ole Joe. It is a big deal, a big waste of tax payer money to fight what common sense should have told us was a bad thing. It should also be a lesson as to what happens when you give that much power to liberals. “Never Again,” may be too soon to entreat another foray into such a political arrangement.

Here’s to hoping SCOTUS gets this one done proper.

Obama Admin leaving AZ Law Dogs in a Lurch

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The SCOTUS ruling yesterday must have ticked of President Obama’s troops yesterday as, within hours of the ruling, pulled all cooperative enforcement agreements with the border state.

This means that previous arrangements whereby the federal authorities were engaged in programs designed to compliment and work with local and state authorities on cracking down on illegal immigration will now be suspended in the wake of SCOTUS ruling to retain the cornerstone piece of the law.

SCOTUS gets it right…and wrong

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SCOTUS got it half right, upholding the provision to check for suspected illegal aliens by allowing law enforcement to ask for paperwork, but missed the point of the legislation’s intent by not kicking back, or otherwise requiring the federal government to actually perform the role associated to it within its constitutional authority.

Key provisions in the law, including forbidding illegals from seeking employment were also struck down. Essentially, the law said there was nothing illegal in asking those whose immigration status is questionable, however failed to allow local law enforcement to cite, arrest or detail suspected illegals under suspected violations.

The ruling fully underscores and demonstrates the current administration’s failure to show leadership on this issue, choosing to pander to hispanics by attempting to portray conservatives as anti-hispanic.

I am of the personal opinion that legal immigrants should stand with the rest of American citizens and should demand that those who are here illegally and are additionally breaking other laws should demand the federal government act decisively to remove these people from our country and put policies in place to provide for effective immigration that also protects our borders to both the north, south and east and west.


HBO’s “41” Brilliant Look into the life of George H W Bush

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HBO Films’ “41” is a remarkable documentary about George H. W. Bush. This is really just a quick item to tell you that if you have not seen this, you should and I would appreciate your feedback on our site,, or on facebook ( or Twitter (@ITOSDotCom).

Personally, I think GHWB didn’t get the credit he deserved. The media was just beginning to ramp up its ultra left-wing agenda, and of course, the blundering attempt by Ross Perot added the last amount of gas to the fire that doomed his re-election attempt in ’92.

A purely classy man, George H W Bush served in WWII, the foreign service as Ambassador to China under President Ford. He ran for the Republican nomination against Ronald Reagan, but ended up serving as his Vice President.

His public career peaked when in 1989, he assumed the duties of Chief Executive of the lone super power in the world. Through out his career, from military service to his post-presidential retirement, he epitomized what public service and sacrifice really means. He remains a lesson to all public servants that what we do for each other is more important that what we expect anyone else to do for anyone.

HBO presented an excellent retrospective on the former president’s life and they should be commended for their part in bringing it to the public. I heartily recommend the special to everyone, regardless of political ideology.

Obama’s White House all Plouffe and No Substance

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David Plouffe, President Obama’s personal spin cycle, made an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday,” last weekend and it appears the President has taken some of his personal fortune out in order to install a turbo charger on the attack dog in chief.

The spin of politics, particularly at the top levels of government is often an artform. How close can you avoid telling the truth, while digging in your talking points at the same time is usually the measure by which one of these guys earns their keep. As good as he is at this, I find it hard to believe why David Plouffe would have wanted to defend President Obama’s White House on the security leaks issue.

Directly asked three separate times whether or not President Obama or any other senior member of the White House had declassified any information related to security leaks, Plouffe dodged the question each time with hyperbole about the president’s stance on fighting terror. Each time, asked, Plouffe countered with an answer that had nothing to do with the question, raising his clenched hand in emphasis that he believed this was all a political witch hunt.

Finally, host Chris Wallace finally had to pose the question as a direct yes or no answer. Finally Plouffe answered that, “Of couse not,” meaning no items being reported as leaks were declassified.

Wallace went on to compare the current White House’s reaction to the leaks investigation to the Valerie Plame incident under former President George W. Bush. Under the former administration, it was alledged that CIA covert operative Valerie Plame had be “outed” as an agent. At the time Senator Barack Obama was nearly apoplectic about the need to find out who had done this terrible thing (even though she was not a covert operative at the time). President Bush directed his entire staff to come forward with whatever information they had and subjected himself to questioning in the matter.

When asked whether or not the current administration would follow suit, Plouffe’s response was, with hand held high, “I am not going to get into that.”

It is important to note under the Plame case, President Obama wanted and thought apprpriate for outside counsel to investigate the matter. Yet, today, when the shoe is on the other foot, his obstructionist AD, Eric Holder appoints to Washington DC based U.S. Attorneys (who report to him) to investigate his boss.

Among the leaks that have come out of the White House include, details about Osama Bin Laden’s killing, outing the doctor who helped identify the remains/location of Bin Laden, the double agent who helped foil an al Quaeda bomb plot in Yemen and the US/Israel cyber attack on Iranian Nuclear sites. All of these leaks have the potential to disrupt methods, sources and human intelligence that takes years to build. The matter is quite serious, but not for Plouffe.

“Part of what’s going on here,” said Plouffe, “the Republicans in Congress are pretty clear here.. at the beginning of this year, what did they say… one of their core strategic priorities are… are to engage in investigations to damage this president politically.”

To his way of thinking, anything said about the President’s involvement, or the involvement by members of his staff is merely political distraction.

Near the end of the interview, Wallace got into the matter of the 2006 case involving Jack Abramoff, in which then Senator Obama sought a independent prosecutor in order to, “ensure the public’s confidence in the investigation and prosecution and help restore its faith in our government.,” Plouffe stated that most people would believe that two career attorneys in the Justice Department would have the ability to look into this and they would arrive at the correct conclusion.

Throughout the interview, each time when asked by Wallace any question, especially questions juxtaposed by the President’s own words from the past, Plouffe continued to defend that was then, this is now approach to policies. Apparently, when the other party was in power, no confidence could be held in regular justice department employees, but when the shoe is on his foot, it is totally unnecessary for independent investigation.

Plouffe’s spin machine has definitely been upgraded from the 2008 campaign and with good reason. When you look at the facts at the same time he speaks, you can easily break the cycle of mesmerization and understand that his words are like Rasputin’s. People must be inoculated from the effects of the political spin meisters such as Plouffe and Axlerod, but it takes people like you to see, investigate and inform others along the way.

The fight will be tough this year, but if we remember that as Carville said then and I say now, “It’s the Obama, Stupid,” we can’t be disappointed.

Shortsighted policies major issue for Obama

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Hope and Change was promised by Barack Obama. As it turned out, 2008 was a bad year for many people. The last gasps of a growing economy were felt and as Lehman Bros fell into an abyssal financial  black hole. The failure of a bank that size sent shockwaves through the financial capital known as Wall Street and before long, Main Street felt the shock and awe of the near cataclysmic stupidity of greed.

Caught up in that nightmare, I was “retired” from a senior management job in IT. Consolidation, they called it, the need to prop up shareholder value, a long term business decision, etc…

Whatever the choice words were, they did not reflect the reality of work performance vs value provided. In short, some 150 positions were terminated on the fear that shareholders would somehow “balk” at the broader market. The company went on to record profits, record bonuses for executives, large parachutes for former VPs and the like who made financial choices, yet the decision to cut approximately 4 million in salary and benefits was hardly a drop in the bucket. The company continued down the same path and as a result, its longtime CEO, “retired” in 2009.”

Kind of an odd start to a political story, but here comes the punch line. The short term decision to prop up shareholder confidence was ill-thought out, just like the current economic policy of Barack Obama. The company stock tumbled over the course of the next two years before beginning to slowing climb its way back to something north of the company’s assets. The desire to “appease” the many at the expense of those 150 positions is very much like the U.S. economy today.

The President of the United States has taken the position of appeasement in lining up latino, blacks, jews and other groups, and now, the so-called middle class, against those whom he calls, the rich. The fair-shake, fair-shot, fair-deal mantra is so tired and old that it has received full social security and medicare benefits in only the forth year of its existence. We are now at the cross roads of class envy vs shared responsibility and the obliteration of constitutional principles that were designed to keep our nation strong.

For instance, President Obama tells Mexicans that the Dream Act represents a fair shot for children born here of illegal immigrants, or those brought here by illegal immigrants,that this is the honest and fair thing to do. Don’t mistake the comment as “latino friendly.” It is pure political pandering, designed to get the Mexican vote out for his party. He could honestly care less about Puerto Ricans, Cubans or any other hispanic derived culture. He is using Mexicans, while painting a broad brush, pretending to be on their side while simultaneously portraying Conservatives as anti-immigration. He is hoping that those Mexicans who have come to this country legally will bond with the cultural brethren from the south and agree with him that blanket amnesty is the only right thing to do. This is obvious pandering, but short-sighted and ill-informed, poorly educated hispanics take this bait hook, line and sinker.

The same can historically be said of the black vote. The number of apologistic white voters who installed President Obama in the White House in 2008 was high. The fact that most blacks in this country voted for a man whose sole qualification in their minds was the he was black and it was about time was met with policies of ineptitude failure at every turn. While unemployment surged, the economy tanked and millions of people were financially ruined, the President’s party played socialist with the constitution, ramming everything down the American people’s throats without so much as a reasoned debate.

A New Day

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One wakes up and thinks that people can’t be that dumb, to hear one thing and believe it to be true, despite massive evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately, we live in a country today where that very thing is happening.

Liberty was not thought of by the founders of this nation to be an easy thing. It requires vigilance, care, and discourse to preserve and promote. The social state of our government has allowed the slow, creeping, “progressive” policies started by Woodrow Wilson to insidiously alter the notion of what our nation stands for.

Today, we are faced with the stark challenge of a national debt that is increasing doubtful to payback. Our credit rating as a nation is in a declining state and we have politicians on the left and right that refuse to look in the mirror and tell us they are the enemy.

Those of us who pay into the government must take back by all legitimate means, our government. We must wean ourselves and our people off the cradle to grave mentalities fostered by our liberal forbears of the last century and shake the yoke of oppression that is  likely to be foisted upon our children.

Let us work together in a common fashion to undo the shackles of liberalism, of anachronistic union work rules and outlaw once and for all, public unions and their mandatory, confiscatory dues collections that feed the liberal engine of social and economic destruction.

Tell everyone you know about this site. Link us to your facefbook, google+, twitter and other feeds (coming soon) and promote the idea that we stand for smaller government, as little tax as is required to achieve the constructionist view of the Constitution and the idea that We, the People, shall not perish from this earth, whether through enslavement of our government, or by any force of arms abroad.